31 years of Excellence in Fiber Arts Consumer Events

Find your creative community at home and in person. Stitches Events offers a diverse range of classes to help you find that creative spark. From introductory courses to intensive workshops, our classes are interactive and welcoming.

Featured Event

Stitches West 2023 — Sacramento, CA

Join us at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center,
March 2-5, 2023


31 years of Excellence in Fiber Arts Consumer Events

Find your creative community at home and in person. Stitches Events offers a diverse range of classes to help you find that creative spark. From introductory courses to intensive workshops, our classes are interactive and welcoming.

Featured Event

Stitches West 2023—Sacramento, CA

Join us at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center,
March 2-5, 2023

Year-round Events:
Virtual & In-Person

There’s always something to see and do with Stitches Events. Between At Home events and In-Person gatherings you can choose the best path for you.

Stitches West 2023

March 2-5, 2023
SAFE Credit Union Convention Center
Sacramento, CA

Gather with our amazing creator community for four days of classes and marketplace shopping.

Stitches at Home February 2023

February 11 & 12; 18 & 19, 2023
Registration is now open!

Enjoy a deep dive into your favorite topic over the course of two weekends.

Coming Soon

Expo at Home April 2023

March 31, April 1, & 2, 2023
Registration is now open!

Participate in best-in-industry classes with a premiere Marketplace experience.

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Live in the Stitches.Studio

The latest addition to Stitches Events celebrates our growing creative community with Live in the Stitches Studio — an exclusive virtual experience designed to spark your creativity and expand your making skills without leaving home.

More casual than a class, more focused than a get-together, Live in the Stitches Studio allows scope for exploration in a stimulating and friendly atmosphere. Watch for guests, interviews, reviews, patterns, problem-solving, and help sessions, maybe a challenge, or even a make-along. There’s so much to explore and share.

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Stitches Events is the premiere place to dive into the Fiber Arts.

Our events are taught by industry leading instructors, and there is something for everyone to learn. Whether you are interested in knitting, crocheting, sewing, spinning, and anywhere in between, there is a Stitches class to meet your needs.

Group around a teacher during a class

I have taken virtual classes with other organizations and Stitches has been my best experience!! The 6 hours of classes really allows the time to grasp and practice the concepts being taught, giving the student time to practice and ask questions for the next session…. I can’t wait for next Stitches at Home!!


New Albany, OH

Two women looking at skeins of yarn


The Stitches Market is a unique way to explore products from a diverse group of fiber arts industry artisans and crafters.

The Market is offered as part of our event schedule at Stitches Expo at Home and Stitches in-person events. Registered students receive access to the Market; you can also purchase tickets to the Market separately.

I love how the Stitches Expo at Home Market works! Vendors have scheduled times to present highlights of their offerings, and I don’t have to fight a crowd in a booth or hope I can catch someone’s attention if I have a question. The Stitches Dashboard gives a brief description of what each vendor is promoting or is known for, which lets me choose the sessions I am especially interested in. I have gotten acquainted with vendors I never knew before, and found products I am really interested in that I probably would have otherwise missed. Check it out!

Jan Lee

Avid Crafting Consumer


When you attend a Stitches Event, you aren’t just learning from an amazing instructor, you’re joining a community of creator peers.

Two women knitting and smiling

Stitches Events have always raised the bar. Others have tried to imitate them, but they are never equalled. Putting quality first, you always feel they care about you and your experience. Feedback is always taken positively. With Stitches at Home, this sense of community has been brought to an entirely different level. Classes are virtual which eliminates the stress of travel, childcare, etc. The cost is extremely reasonable and you feel good knowing it goes to the staff and instructors. The teachers seem more relaxed and share their expertise over multiple days rather than trying to get everything through a 2-3 hour class. Having the classes recorded and available for review for a few days after is brilliant. I’ve immersed myself in knitting for many years and still learn something new. Looking forward to participating in future events!

Zoraida (Z)

Port Jefferson, NY

Sense of Belonging

One of the things I love about the Stitches at Home experience, and why I recommend it to other crafters, is that the crew has done such an excellent job of creating the sense of community that is missing in a lot of online events. The morning coffee time, the stitches-together get-togethers, and the show and share times are all great ways to bring people together. Over time, I see many of the same faces in these social gatherings, and that spark of recognition builds that sense of belonging. I don’t feel like I’m just ‘taking a class’. I feel like I’m joining up with my friends.


Stephanie Bryant, Knitter & Author

Thanks for Virtual Classes

Thanks to the whole crew for continuing the virtual classes. I attended Stitches in Nashville, TN, but I can no longer travel because of health issues. Besides being able to take classes with instructors I never thought I would “meet,” doing so in the comfort of my own home means I can get up, move around and do what I need to for comfort. And, I’ve discovered I can spend just as much money on a virtual festival as an in-person one!


Anita, Collierville, TN

Can't Wait

I’m intrigued and can’t wait for this latest Stitches offering! I think the format is well-designed and will be a good fit for my busy schedule (and attention span!). I’ve grown to trust the Stitches team to host inclusive and friendly gatherings and know this latest venue will not disappoint!


Eileen, Oakland, CA

The class everyone should take!

I started knitting just 4 months ago. A friend introduced me to Stitches and this class with Sarah seemed like a great class to get a great foundation of knitting skills and tricks. Best time investment I’ve made in a long time!! Sarah and the classmates were so nice accompanying me where I was. I am very proud to show here my very first baby cardigan. And it seems nice enough that the parents of a baby I know want it!! Can’t wait for many more classes with Sarah and other Stitches instructors!!


Rachel B. New Knitter

Had a wonderful time!

I can’t get around as easily as I used to, so I actually PREFER the Zoom format for attending classes. You’ve done an excellent job of setting those up; the Dash Board makes it very convenient. I hope you will continue this format even after everything gets back to “normal” from Covid.

Taping the class and making it available to the participants for a week after the live class is a WONDERFUL concept. It would enable me to be enrolled in two classes at once if I have scheduling conflicts, as well as helping me to review key points after the fact while I’m still highly interested in the specific class/technique. THANK YOU for a great event!


Carol, San Marcos, CA

You are all doing a fabulous job!

As long as you keep offering classes, I will keep attending and I can’t wait to be able to come in person to a live Stitches convention! In the meantime, it makes me feel so good to be able to help support all the artists, teachers, merchants and businesses like your own during this especially difficult time. A sincere thank you for all you do!


Christine, Freemont, CA

Stitches at Home exceeded my wildest expectations!

I was able to present material in a way that face-to-face doesn’t make possible. Everyone could see everything close-up as I was speaking about it, and I was able to have unlimited samples since they didn’t have to fit into two suitcases. Students all worked with the same materials, which let us see the different results that can be obtained from different approaches; this turned out to be the equivalent of each student doing 20 swatches instead of 1! Many of my students commented that they felt they had more personal attention from me in this format. Loved it.

Laura Bryant, Stitches Teacher and owner of Prism Yarns


What time do Stitches Events take place?

All virtual events occur in Central Time. All in-person events occur in the local time zone of the location.

I just tried to login and register for an event but it didn’t work. Do you know why?

Previously created accounts for Knitting Universe will not work to register for a Stitches Event. The first time you place an order on the site, you will create a login and password that will be used to access the site.

What if I am new to making and crafting?

First and foremost, welcome! We’re glad you’re here. Students experiencing Stitches classes all have a variety of crafting and making experience. Whether you are just a beginner or a master at your craft, Stitches welcomes you.

What is Stitches at Home?

During Stitches at Home events you will experience 6, 8, or 10 hour classes over the course of the two-weekend event. At Home classes allow you to take a deep dive into your favorite topics.

What is Stitches Expo at Home?

You’ll enjoy 2 or 4 hour classes that span a variety of topics during Expo at Home events. Whether you want to learn a new technique or grow your current skills, there is a class for you. Expo at Home events also feature a Stitches Market, a great opportunity to catch-up with your favorite fiber arts vendor.

If I register for a class do I need to purchase a Stitches Market ticket?

No. All registered students for Expo at Home and in-person events automatically receive access to the Market.

What size are Stitches classes?

Almost all classes are capped at 20 students. If the class is taught by a teaching duo, the cap may be raised to 25. This is to ensure you have an amazing one-on-one and hands-on learning experience.

Why does my order for classes still show as “Processing?”

Don’t worry! “Processing” means your registration is complete and your class spot is confirmed. About two weeks before your event takes place, you should see this change to “Complete.”

What is your COVID policy?

The health and safety of all Stitches Events attendees, instructors, exhibitors, and staff is incredibly important. Be sure to check each event for the most up to date information regarding our event procedures. You can also read our COVID Policy and Waiver of Liability.

What do I need to participate in a virtual Stitches class?

You simply need an interest to learn something new, and a device (computer, tablet, phone) with video and audio capabilities.

Don’t see the answer to your question here? There are additional FAQ’s for each event which may help OR you can contact us.

Featured Event

Stitches West 2023—
Sacramento, CA

Join us at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center,
March 2-5, 2023