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Closed Captioning on Zoom

We provide closed captioning for classes and special presentations. 


When the host has turned on the ‘Live Transcript’ option, the participants can select the type of experience they want.

Option 1:

By clicking on the upward arrow next to the CC button, you can choose to ‘Show Subtitle’ (closed captioning) as the format you want to see in the main view (as per the screen shot below).

Closed Captioning Instruction Screenshot: Show Subtitle

Option 2:

You can choose to see the closed captioning as a ‘View Full Transcript’ in another panel (please see the screen shot below) by choosing from the same menu next to the CC button.

Closed Captioning Instruction Screenshot: View full transcript

You can show both options if you want. Also, you can set the text size for the Subtitles in the Subtitle settings (available from the CC button menu). You can ‘Hide’ either of these options from the same menu.

Closed captioning is best viewed on a computer. If using a tablet or smartphone, be aware that the chat feature may block the captioning. A quick fix is to turn off the chat by clicking on chat, then on the bell icon to “mute” chat notifications.

Please note that we are utilizing Zoom’s integrated closed captioning system—which is still under development (in beta) and not yet available to the public. If you experience issues with closed captioning, please let us know so we can inform our partners at Zoom.