Since we’re new to virtual events and you may be, too, here are answers to questions you might have:

Question: What is a virtual class?
Answer: A virtual class is interactive instruction over the internet. You need a device (computer, tablet, phone) with video and audio capabilities.

Question: How do virtual classes work?
Answer: You purchase a virtual class or classes, and we send you a confirmation email. It will include your supply list and any pre-class prep. Since the classrooms are held in Zoom meeting rooms, we will send you an email with your Zoom meeting link(s) before the event, and you will be asked to pre-register online via Zoom with our staff.

Question: Why do I need to do the Virtual Check-in?
Answer: The Virtual Check-in helps the XRX staff make certain all students are comfortable with Zoom and how STITCHES At Home uses Zoom. Having everyone familiar with the format and the technology will help classes begin on time and run smoothly.

Question: What technology to do I need to take a STITCHES at Home class or event?
Answer: You need an internet-connected device (computer, tablet, or phone) with a camera and microphone and that supports the Zoom application.

Question: Can I register for STITCHES at Home if I live outside the USA.
Answer: Yes, however, due to time and shipping constraints, kits and printed handouts will not be sent outside the USA.

Question: Do you really need my US shipping address? 

Answer: Yes, we will send you your printed class materials and the class kit, if applicable. If you live outside the USA, you will receive a PDF of the class materials.

Question: What time are the classes/events?
Answer: All times listed on the schedule and class descriptions are Central Daylight Time. Please remember to adjust the times for your local time zone.

Question: Where are the virtual Market listings for this event?
Answer: There isn’t a Market for this event although our sponsors will offer shopping opportunities. We are developing a virtual Market for future events. Please stay tuned.

Question: How many people are in a class?
Answer: Classes are limited to no more than 20 people because we want this to be an interactive experience between you, your classmates, and the instructor. If the class has a team teaching, the limit may be raised to 25 people.

Question: Can I record my class(es) for myself or will a recording of the class(es) be provided for me as part of my fees?Answer: No. As part of our contracts with the instructors, these are live classes. Recordings may or may not be made by us for you to be used in the short term. But recording your classes using screen capture technology is prohibited.

Question: I have an XRX, Inc. credit. How do I use it for a STITCHES at Home class or event?
Answer: Watch for the blue bar when you view your cart. Click it to apply your credit from our two cancelled events (STITCHES United 2020 and STITCHES Midwest 2020). To use any other XRX, Inc credit, you will need to call 605.338.2450 (9am-5pm CDT, M-F) to register so we can apply it.

Question: What if I have a question or need help registering?
Answer: Questions can be emailed to [email protected]. Please include as much specific information as you can OR call us at 605.338.2450 during business hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Central time, Monday thru Friday).

Question: How do I apply to teach for
Answer: Soon we’ll have the Instructor Resource page online on this new site. But for now, please email your contact information to [email protected]. One of our team members will send you a link to the application forms as soon as possible.

Question: How does a business participate at an in-person event or STITCHES at Home Market as a vendor or sponsor?
Answer: The Vendor Resource page will be online on the new site soon. But for now, please email your information to [email protected]. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.