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Building better knitters.

The yarns that Lost City Knits carries, the patterns we create, the community we’ve built, and the places and people we’ve encountered in our years in business – all this is about using the field of knitting to elevate talents, broaden horizons, and create beautiful work.

Lost City Knits hopes to expand your world, both in what you knit, what you knit with, and how you encounter places and people. We have our own line of yarns that we carry because we couldn’t find the fibers and colors we wanted to work with elsewhere, and we import interesting yarns from abroad. You’ll find something here to challenge you.

When I learned to knit in my forties, I never learned to be afraid of anything thanks to my local yarn shop owner who encouraged me to do lace almost right off the bat. Now, when I teach classes, whether they be on beginning lace or on an advanced technique, I hope my students feel the same as I did early on. I, and you, can do it. Using sticks and string, we have the capacity to do incredible work.

Our yarns feature the Lost City Knits line, which are dyed on our farm in eastern Oklahoma, but we also import Jamieson & Smith from the Shetland Islands, and Plötulopi unspun Icelandic yarn. Its all interesting to work with.

Knitting has broadened my world. Our yarns, our books, and my classes are all designed to help broaden yours.

Here is our STITCHES Expo at Home Schedule…

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Friday, October 8th

Sweater Weather - Yarns and Designs From Shetland and Iceland

7:00 pm - 7:30 pm CDT  

Saturday, October 9th

Skinny Yarn - It’s Always Lace Season

8:00 pm - 8:30 pm CDT  

Delicate lace designed by Denise Bell
Delicate lace designed by Denise Bell
Sweater Weather! Are you ready?
Sweater Weather! Are you ready?
Luscious shades of Léttlopi yarn
Luscious shades of Léttlopi yarn