Benjamin Levisay

Hello Friends!

Welcome to our new site,! Simplified navigation and mobile-friendly web pages will make your experience easier, and we are in the process of optimizing the site for assisted browsers. 

We’re also excited to invite you to our first virtual event — Stitches at Home! When we began planning a Stitches virtual experience, our thoughts turned to Camp Stitches retreats and the in-depth learning that an extended format allows. Updating the retreat to Zoom simplifies the logistics for everyone!

With Stitches at Home, you experience a 6- or 10-hour workshop in 2-hour sessions across two weekends. Our teachers seized the opportunity and have reimagined their class context, pacing, and content. The between-session time is yours to practice and integrate skills at your own speed.  

For this first Stitches at Home, classes are limited to 20 participants. Keeping class sizes small encourages interaction between you and your instructor. The fact that we have fewer expenses for a virtual event (like you, we have no travel or hotel costs), means we can offer our talented instructors better compensation. This also means that teachers like Jane Slicer-Smith can join us once more — all the way from Australia! While this event won’t include a virtual Market, stay tuned for future virtual events that will. Meanwhile, we’ll be joined by a few surprise guests who will drop in for special evening sessions, open to all Stitches at Home participants.

The Stitches at Home registration will be easier than for previous events. It will be a different experience though; so if you have any problems, please call the office at 605.338.2450 during business hours (9am-5pm CDT), and we will assist you.

We look forward to offering Stitches at Home to everyone, especially those who have been unable to attend our in-person events. This is a new and exciting chapter for XRX, Inc. and Stitches Events. 

We hope you will join us for the first Stitches at Home!

All my best.

Benjamin Levisay
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PS. XRX books, stitchips, and Knitter’s Magazine back issues are currently available on the site and will be available on in the coming months.