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The definitive guide from a biased knitter: whether you are new to entrelac, have dabbled some, or love it already and just want more interesting designs, Gwen Bortner’s book is for you.


Whether you are new to entrelac, have dabbled some, or love it already and just want more interesting designs, this book is for you.

For knitters who haven’t tried entrelac (or need to try again), the book works as a series of skills and concepts with projects along the way to apply what you have learned. Knitters with some experience with entrelac can review the basics, then learn options for shaping, seams, and joining. And with over 30 projects, those here just for the designs will find a wide range of garments and accessories for the whole family.

Practice blocks and small projects provide an introduction to the world of entrelac complete with valuable tutorials. Approaches to shaping take you from the tip of a mitten to the yoke of a sweater or swing of a skirt.

Learn the basics from picking-up stitches to weaving-in tails: how to do them and why they matter.

Entrelac gives you both the incentive and the occasion to master skills you might not have thought important: using a temporary cast-on, knitting (and purling, and decreasing) in both directions, picking up in both knit and purl, among others. Then you will find that you use them again and again in all your knitting.

Entrelac fabric is not just knit, it is knit worn on the bias, and this adds enormously to its comfort-factor. (Book Editor Elaine Rowley considers the multi-gauge, short-mid-or-long-sleeved design, Morning, Noon, and Night to be the most comfortable and best-fitting pullover in her closet.)

Entrée to Entrelac will help you think about all your knitting in a whole new way.

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