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Great American Aran Afghan


Completing our popular afghan series, The Great American Aran Afghan features 24 winning squares by 24 knitters.


Since its first appearance in Knitter’s Magazine issues 62–67, the Great American Aran Afghan has appealed to thousands of knitters. It features 24 winning squares by 24 knitters; we combined 20 squares for a throw and paired the additional four for accent pillows.

The squares are made one at a time, keeping your knitting portable and making the designs interchangeable. Of course you’re free to choose a square to repeat or omit, developing ideas as you go. It’s so encouraging to see the complete squares stack up and to know that with many of them, you have learned something new!

GAAA, as it is known in-house, can be a great learning experience, a stash buster (yes, many colors, or many shades of one color—think dyelots—work well here), and a source of design inspiration for many other pieces—whether made of squares, strips, or in one piece.

We suggest squares that we consider the easiest and the most challenging—and there are a few. All the information to complete the project is in this convenient booklet, including a Knitter’s School to introduce new techniques and review familiar ones.

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