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A unique and elegant approach to your yarn collection: you’ll find creative ways to organize, use, and replenish your yarn collection while creating one-of-a-kind garments.



This book began with a problem that all knitter’s share: What to do with a growing collection of yet-to-be-knit yarns? Too little to do anything with, too much to toss. How to put a bit of this and a little of that with more of something else and make it all beautiful?

Many knitters just give up: the stash (and the guilt) grows while storage space shrinks. Sally Melville found creative solutions and her ideas will help you organize, use, and replenish your collection. Learn why the key to finding what you need, when you need it, is color. And why sometimes to use the yarn you have, you need to buy more!

For Styles, Sally developed stitch patterns that are enhanced by a combination of colors, textures, even weights, of yarn. Good ol’ Garter, Knitting as Warp, Simple Fairisle, Not-Your-Usual Intarsia, Tweed Stitch Squares (don’t overlook this half-intarsia hybrid!), and Tweed Stitch with Cables are perfect ways to work through your stash, and are put to work in 27 patterns for vests, pullovers, coats, jackets, cardigans, a coat dress, a purse, and even a multi-size, multi-breed dog coat.

Innovative techniques and clear, concise instructions take knitters through the entire process from choosing colors to meticulous finishing. Sally’s hands-on, low-risk, high-return approach lets everyone get creative with stash yarn.

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