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Design by Numbers: Using Proportion to Improve Every Aspect of Your Designs


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An in-person class with Phyllis Bell Miller

Aug 3, 1:30-4:30pm

Discover how to use proportion to improve every aspect of your projects — whether designed by you or someone else. Learn easy ways to apply time-tested concepts like The Golden Mean, Fibonacci numbers, and Goethe’s color ratios to design dilemmas—from the ideal jacket length to just the right amount of each color.

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The Golden Mean or Golden Ratio is a proportion that artists and artisans have used for eons to design buildings, clothing, jewelry, statues, and everything else. This relationship of the parts to a whole comes from nature and is seen in flowers, seashells, animals, and other natural phenomena.

However grand and mysterious the concept seems, it is really quite simple. We’ll explore how to use proportion to improve every aspect of your designs. From the length of a yoke or sweater; to the number of cables, buttons, or beads; to how much of each color to use — we’ll discover many ways to apply The Golden Mean, Fibonacci numbers, and Goethe’s color ratios.

So, stop praying and guessing, and start counting! The principles are easy to apply — even to your existing wardrobe. Use them to improve items that you design as well as those designed by others. Class handouts contain charts that help you to determine and figure out the right proportions for every project. These principles apply to knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, weaving, beading, and every other art and craft.

Special Skills

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• Pen or Pencil
• Note paper
• Calculator
• Optional: Have projects handy about which you have design questions

No pre-class work required.

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Helene C.

The garments that Phyllis designs and knits are out of this world gorgeous! Her use of colors and adaptation of different cultures is amazing. The class material was a bit over my head (I'm fairly new to knitting) but enjoyed it nonetheless and learned some things as well.