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Reading Your Spinning: How, When and Why to Measure to Get the Yarn You Want


Price includes 6 hours of class.

A Virtual Class with Jillian Moreno

June 12, 2:00-4:00pm CDT
June 18, 2:00-4:00pm CDT
June 19, 2:00-4:00pm CDT

Measuring and keeping track of your handspun yarn doesn’t need to be stressful; it is just a way to communicate how your yarn is made. This class will walk you through the basics of measuring, what each measurement and element means to your yarn, and most importantly why a measurement might matter to you.

Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of the class for 4 weeks following the event.

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You will find a lot of information, a lot of tools, and a lot of opinions on why, when, and what to measure and record while spinning your yarn. It can all feel confusing.

When Jillian helps you understand what the measurements can tell you, you’ll begin to see the reasons behind keeping track of some elements: then it’s an easy step toward spinning yarns with more intention. And this step can work for both intuitive and technical spinners.

Taking and tracking measurements shouldn’t be stressful. This class will walk you through measuring basics, what each measurement means, and more importantly why a measurement might matter. That information can tell you how your yarn will behave when it is knitted, how much fiber you need to purchase for a project, how to replicate a yarn, and point the way to changes you may make in your next yarn.

Not every spinner needs to keep track of every measurement or element of a yarn. You decide what to record based on what’s important to you and your project. In the same way we are all unique, so is the information we may need to track to make yarn and projects we love.

Through sampling we’ll explore:
• The elements of building a yarn you could record
• The tools to use
• How to dissect a yarn that didn’t come out as you expected
• How to figure out what is important to record for your spinning
• Ways to measure for both the technical and intuitive spinner
• How examining each step of a yarn’s structure can lead to more intentional and consistent yarns

This is a class for newer spinners, spinners interested in intentional yarns, and spinners with questions about measuring and keeping track.

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this workshop:
If you can spin a continuous thread and have plied a yarn (even once!) this class is for you.

Supply List
• 2-3 ounces of a fiber or blend you like to spin
• A skein or a few yarns of your latest default (every day or favorite spin) yarn
• A skein of yarn that didn’t turn out how you expected or wanted it to (in structure not color)
• Any measuring tools you have – WPI gauge, yarn gauge, twist angle gauge, yarn balance, ruler, digital scale. (These tools aren’t required, and this class may help you decide what tools you want for your spinning.)

• Spinning Basics: A wheel in good working order, three bobbins, niddy noddy, tags, pen and paper to take notes, and any other of your favorite spinning tools

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Would have been great

This class would have been great, but it was cancelled due to circumstances beyond the instructor’s control.