Smooth Set-ins for All Your Sleeves


Price includes 2 class hours.

A virtual class with Lily Chin

Apr 1, 10:00am-12:00pm CDT

Smooth refers to both the process and the result of Lily’s industry-informed process. Practice on both a mock drop-shoulder and true set-in mini.

Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of the class for 4 weeks following the event.

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When setting in a sleeve cap, we have to deal with slants and curves. Often, there are “stepped” bind-offs. At the top of the shoulder, set-in sleeves are plainly visible, so you want their construction and seams to be as neat as possible.

Learn how to maneuver a set-in sleeve by using short rows (sometimes referred to as partial knitting) instead of bind-offs to create a continuous line. This makes seaming so much easier and smoother. See how picking-up stitches and using a crocheted chain is a much easier, better, and less-bulky alternative to sewing.

We’ll begin with a drop-shouldered sleeve for practice. This type of seaming is used in commercial sweaters so why not a professional method for our hand knits?

Special Skills
Must have made a set-in sleeve, be familiar with short rows, be able to crochet a chain, and pick up stitches.

Supply List
• Same yarn as used for homework, you only need about 5 yards of each.
• Smooth, contrasting thinner-weight cotton than used for homework like sport- or dk-weight; you only need about 3 yards of each.
• Crochet hook same size and one size smaller than equivalent of knitting needles used for homework.
• Darning needle.
• Circular or dpn needle the same size needle and one size smaller as worked with for homework.
• Knitting Basics: Sharp scissors, Notebook, Pen or pencil with eraser, Stitch markers, Tapestry needles (large and small), Tape measure, Small calculator, Needles and crochet hooks of various sizes

Moderate homework required. 

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