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Knitting with Cotton, Linen, and Silk: What You Need to Know


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An in-person class with Yumiko Alexander

Nov 11, 9:00am-10:30am PST

A swatch can predict how a garment knit or crocheted with non-elastic yarns will behave. Learn Yumiko’s process for accurate swatching with cotton, linen, and silk.

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When Yumiko Alexander moved from Japan to Arizona, her knitting changed. When she moved to a climate where the wool and alpaca yarns she had always worked with can be worn only a few months of the year, she switched to cottons and linens for warm-weather comfort.

For her designs to work with these non-elastic fibers, what else needed to change? First, she discovered that a swatch did not predict what would happen when she wore the full-size garment. So, from yarn weight, to type of needles, to her swatching and washing processes — she has changed it all. Now she exclusively works with cotton, linen, and silk, and her swatches accurately predict the fit and drape of her garments. Learn the process she uses to avoid surprises.

Whether you live in a warm climate or cool, when you understand the characteristics of non-elastic fibers (what Yumiko calls their personalities), you will be able to use them for year-round comfort.

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Customer Reviews

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Beth L.
Excellent Class!

Yumiko gave an inspiring, interesting, and informative class. Her use of dual garments made from different fibers was illuminating. Her preparation with swatches and samples made the class very useful and engaging. It was also fun to learn a little more about Yumiko's personal life and how it led her to where she is today. I love knitting her designs and her yarn is beautiful and very nice to work with. I feel like the class gave me a whole new perspective on fiber choice which will effect my knitting from this point forward. Thank you, Yumiko!

Sandy J.
I learned so much

Her demonstration of the same garments (REALLY the same: size, stitch count, yarn gauge) knit in plant fiber vs wool was worth the admission in itself. Once you see the difference in real garments knit out of different materials, you won't forget it. I also didn't know about proper blocking techniques, either-- I used to do full 15 minute soaks for cotton, now i know that's not necessary. She's such a good instructor, too.

Dayna M.
Wonderful Information and Presenter

This was such a fun lecture. Yumiko gave excellent I formatio. About cotton, lime and wool. She showed several beautiful examples using her patterns. I was delighted to be able to hear her in person.

Paula D.D.
Best Info Ever

So glad I took the class! It was the main reason I attended stitches this year. Yumiko Alexander the teacher was excellent! The information she gave us in the class is invaluable. I will use it always in my knitting now. Hope Yumiko comes back next year with more.

Lisa N.

Unfortunately I was not feeling well and I missed the class. It sounded like a good class. Given the opportunity I will sign up again.

Sally N.
Great instructor!

Loved the instructor! She was very creative and completly engaging.

Mary S.
Excellent class!

A very informative lecture about linen, cotton and silk yarns and how they differ from wool. Yumiko had lots of finished projects to enhance her lecture. She also explained why many of her designs have certain style elements. Great handout too.