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This exciting Friday night runway show comes complete with fabulous door prizes!

November 11, 7:30pm

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LIVE ON STAGE! See the best of the Stitches Market live on stage. Nathania Apple hosts this exciting production. You’ll be inspired to create as you see professional models take to the catwalk wearing the most beautiful garments you’ve ever seen. You may even win a kit to make one of the items yourself!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jill H.
Lots of Shawls

I don't wear shawls. I'm sure covid presented its problems, and appreciate the effort

Cathy S.
Fashion Show

I enjoyed the setting this year. It was easy to see the models with the raised runway. Another review mentioned the major drawback - when the models were wearing shawls, they wrapped them around themselves rather than spreading them so that the audience could actually see what the shawls looked like. Barry and Fontelle did a great job.


I enjoyed the fashion show, as always. I liked the runway rather than a stage. My only suggestion is for the models to spread their arms when walking with a shawl rather than wrapping it around themselves. Sometimes it was hard to see the shawl. Other than that, I enjoyed it, and Stitches immensely.

P F.
Lackluster fashion show

This year's fashion show was not super inspiring. It was difficult to see the garments from our seats, and I wonder if the models could be splashed onto a bigger screen in the background? Most of the items were not shown to their full advantage (stretching out shawls), and those that were, were done at the very back of the stage where we couldn't see anything anyway. Would have liked to have seen a greater variety of body shapes and sizes. The hosting was great!

Karen K.

Show was very nice. Love to see the vendors takes on what's new and how you can use their yarns.

Merle O.
Too Many Shawls

I was hoping to see more sweaters. The venue was lovely as were the models but I really wanted to come away inspired to make something wonderful. That did not happen.

Carin c.
first time fashion show attendee

I enjoyed seeing the items and searched out several of them to see at the vendors. I do not know how attendees' names were obtained to be placed into the drawing at the end and would have liked to have been included. The prizes were very generous. My one suggestion is that each piece be stretched out as much as possible so that the viewers can see as much of the piece as possible.

Terry K.
Fashion show 2022 Sacramento

The fashion show was well organized and paced. The prizes were appreciated. The venue was not the best, but the organizers did well with what they had. They did well to overcome staffing problems.