Colorwork That Climbs: Vertically Stranded Knitting


Price includes 6 hours of class.

With Lorilee Beltman

Dec 5, 2:00pm-4:10pm CST;
Dec 6, 2:00pm-4:10pm CST;
Dec 12, 2:00pm-4:10pm CST

Learn to add contrasting colors that climb vertically from row to row instead of horizontally across a row.  You can add color to lace, cables, and garter stitch, all without affecting gauge or inhibiting elasticity!

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Are you ready to add a new color technique to your knitting repertoire to make something unique? Learn how to add contrasting colors of yarn that climb vertically from row to row instead of horizontally from stitch to stitch. Once you learn the tips to manage the yarn and address the stitches, you’ll find the technique to be easy.

The joy comes in its applications. Without affecting the gauge, and without inhibiting the elasticity or drape of the fabric, you can add color to lace, cables, garter stitch, and more. You’ll find endless opportunities to use this technique.

December 5, Saturday afternoon: We will start by working in the round. It’s easier to learn the color work and follow a chart when the right side of the fabric is facing. Learn how to add the contrast colors, how to prevent what could quickly become a tangled mess, and how to incorporate the contrasting colored stitches into the fabric without overdoing it. We will work one motif in stockinette stitch and one in lace. Ambitious students will have more charts to play with on their own time.

December 6, Sunday afternoon: We will continue by working flat and learn which kinds of designs are better adapted to working flat, like colorful cables, for example. We’ll take a look at all of the samples in Lorilee’s studio to help spark an idea or two for you to pursue. During the following week, take time to use your chosen project materials to swatch the many motifs offered in the handout. Choose a motif or two that charms you the most and enjoy.

December 12, Saturday afternoon: When we return, we will focus on design. This session will be about sparking creativity and will include more discussion time amongst all of us. Lorilee will demonstrate design considerations you will make as you create a sock, shawl, cowl, hat, hand garments, skirt, or a sweater that is unique to you. To be clear, the class will focus on how to add these skills to existing patterns, designs, or basic shapes. We will not learn how to design a garment from scratch; we will learn how to use a garment pattern as a canvas to paint using our new paintbrush.

See the “Materials” list and class photos for more information.

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this class:
Students must be comfortable doing the following without assistance: knitting in the round on a small circumference (about 6 inches) using DPNs or magic loop; following charts both in the round and flat; diagnosing and fixing simple mistakes; increasing, decreasing, and cabling. Some design experience or bravery at adapting existing patterns will be helpful.

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