Sew a Hand-stitched Shirt


Cost includes 6 hours of class.

With Cal Patch

May 15, 2:00-4:00 CDT;
May 16, 2:00-4:00 CDT;
May 23, 2:00-4:00 CDT

Learn how to stitch a shirt completely by hand, this simple approach makes sewing as portable as your knitting or crochet! Adding hand-sewing to your skill set will enhance your wardrobe and your life!

Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of this class for 7 days following the event.

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Sewing on a machine is quick and practical, but many people find it difficult to dedicate the time and space required to make it a regular habit. When you move your sewing practice into the realm of handwork (like knitting, crochet, and embroidery), you can stitch anywhere! Stitch-up garments whenever you have a few spare minutes, say on the couch at night while watching a movie. Always have a carry-along project handy. Amazingly, you may find you can finish a hand-sewn garment sooner than a machine-sewn one.

We will work with a pattern for a simple, boxy top (see supply list for options) and learn how to sew seams, finish necklines, and hem edges with only your hands and a needle and thread. Several methods for each type of seam will be shown, so you may also create a sampler of extra techniques.

Both decorative and functional stitching techniques will take your slow-fashion wardrobe to the next level, and add an element of meditative calm to your life. On future projects you may combine your new skills with machine sewing, or sew entirely by hand

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this workshop:
No prerequisite skills, though an understanding of basic sewing principles will be helpful. You will need to have your garment pieces (front and back only, skip any facings) cut out before start of class.

Supply List
__Pattern for simple top*
__Fabric: light-to-medium-weight woven cotton. Quantity as indicated for your size** on pattern, but 2 yards is probably sufficient for most. Solid fabric is best to see your stitches, but print is ok too.
__1 fat quarter or approximately 12″ to 18” square of similar or same fabric for sampler
(could be a scrap left over after cutting)
__Bias tape, 1 yard of 1⁄2” single-fold, can be self-made or packaged
__All-purpose thread, can be contrast (to see your stitches) or matching
__Hand-sewing needles in a few sizes, or your favorite size
__Sewing Basics: Needles, Thread, Sharp scissors, Notebook, Pen or pencil with eraser, Tape measure, Seam ripper, Pins

__A ruler
__Marking tool (tailor’s chalk, wax, etc) in a color that will show up on your fabric
__If it’s possible have access to an iron during class (in another room is fine)
__If you have a thimble you’ve been wanting to start using, our class would be a great time for that!

*Please use one of the following patterns:
__Boxy Tee/Drapy Tunic:: drafted in a previous class with Cal, or from her online video class, or tutorial found on her website: (please just use the basic pattern, without the additional seams and pockets)
__Lou Box Top:
__Fen Top:
__Wiksten Shift Top: top-sewing-pattern
__Maya Top:
**These are loose-fitting tops, so you should be fine to choose the size called for according to your measurements. But if you are very concerned about a perfect fit, you may wish to machine-stitch a muslin/fit sample first to confirm size.

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