Cabling Without a Cable Needle


Cost includes 2 hours of class.

With Lorilee Beltman

Nov 6 7:00pm-9:10pm

Knitters, free yourself by learning how to work cables without a cable needle. Graduate from relying on text instructions to working directly from charted symbols for cables.

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Do you love textured knits teeming with cables? Do you find that working the cables slows you down too much? This class is for you. Learn how to cross those cables in many configurations without the assistance of a cable needle.

The teacher’s goal is to also get you to more intuitively execute the cable maneuver shown in a chart, so that you save that step of having to look at a symbol and then read the text translation of that symbol.

We will learn left and right crosses of various sizes in a simple swatch. We will also learn how to keep that pesky left-most knit stitch looking tidy. The class handout includes a large cable sampler for you to continue to work after class.

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this class:
Students must have experience working flat back and forth, keeping knits and purls in pattern from the right side and wrong side. Ideally, students will have tried some cabling with a cable needle.

Supply List
__About 50 grams of a worsted weight wool that is friendly for learning: a wool or wool blend that has some give (not taut 100% acrylic or cotton), nothing hairy or fuzzy, nothing too dark in color to see well.
__Needles in a size appropriate for worsted weight: US 5 – 7 (3.75 – 4.5 mm), circular or straight. A needle with a sharper tip is much better than one with a dull tip.

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