Conquer the Kitchener Stitch


Cost includes 2 hours of class.

With Lorilee Beltman

Nov 6 4:00-6:10pm CST

Learn how to memorize the Kitchener stitch so you don’t have to look it up or have absolute quiet while you do it.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do a Kitchener stitch graft without having to look it up every time? And how about fixing your graft-in-progress when something goes awry? You will learn to graft in stockinette stitch and in garter stitch. To be clear, we will not learn how to graft in patterns such as lace or ribbing; this is about mastering the basics. Many students who take this class report “finally!” getting it.

We will graft two pieces of stockinette stitch together. There are tricks to help understand it, how to tension it properly, and, as importantly, how to diagnose a mistake. You will learn a tip for executing it in such a way that you can stop in the middle and not be lost! Garter-stitch graft will also be taught, and you will practice both.

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this class:
It’s helpful if you have at least tried to execute the Kitchener stitch graft a couple times, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Supply List
__Blunt-tip tapestry needle
__Two 24-inch long pieces of yarn that are similar in weight to your swatch yarn but in a contrast color
__Yarn for swatches: About 25 grams of a worsted-weight wool or wool-blend in a light solid color. Choose a classic, plied yarn that does not easily split and has some give to it. (Single-ply or fuzzy yarns are to be avoided for learning.)
__You may work your swatches on straights or circulars in sizes appropriate for your yarn, about US 5 – 7 (3.75 mm – 4.5 mm). Please do mismatch of a light-weight yarn and a big needle for the swatches; your work will be too open and lacy to obtain satisfactory results.

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