KnittRx, Knitting Comfortably (Option 2)


Cost includes 2 hours of class.

With Carson Demers

Nov 8 10:00am-12:10pm CST

Learn causes, symptoms, and how to care for injuries common among knitters and crafters (knitting is the focus, but this applies to all crafts). Learn stretches and other self-care.

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Knitting is not a “no pain, no gain” activity. Yet many of us take better care of our favorite stash fiber than we do the fibers that allow us to knit—our bodies. Tired muscles, sore joints, and aching backs and necks needlessly plague too many knitters. This class will teach you fun ways of “fiber care” for the most important project you make—YOU! Don’t let the preventable keep you from doing what you love. Knit on, safely and comfortably!

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__Notebook and writing tool if you wish to take notes.

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