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Shibori and Dyeing with Indigo


Cost includes 4 hours of class.

With Susan Lazear

Nov 7 10:00am-12:10pm AND 1:00-3:10pm CST

Explore the world of Japanese Shibori (tie-dye) techniques using Indigo or Dylon Cold Water dyes. Create a set of samples each with a different tie-dye technique.

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Let’s study the fascinating world of Japanese Shibori and Indigo. First, we will explore Indigo’s history and then, move into workshop mode to create a collection of samples. Using a variety of Shibori techniques, we’ll create a series of textile samples, each employing a different tie-dye method. You may also dye yarn (natural fiber), t-shirts, or small amounts of yardage. Choose to use an Indigo dye kit or Dylon cold-water dyes (both available from as well as various fabric/art and craft suppliers). If you like, you can purchase a set of table napkins or dish towels and use these for your samples.

Supply List
__Indigo dye kit or Dylon cold-water dye
__5-gallon pail
__Dowel for stirring
__Rubber gloves
__Cotton fabric (6-10 12″x18″ samples, or table napkins)
__Rubber bands
__Small clamps
__Clamping devices like clothes pins
__A few small pieces of flat wood (in matching shaped pairs0
__18″ PVC pipe or thick dowel (approx. 2″ in diameter)
__Needle and thread
__2′ of thicker cord/rope
__ Cat litter tray or aluminum tray.
__Protective covering for workspace (Plastic)
Many of these items can be found at the 99-cent store.

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