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Surface Design: Printing with Found Objects


Cost includes 4 hours of class.

With Susan Lazear

Nov 8 10:00am-12:10pm AND 1:00-3:10pm CST

Enter the world of textile printing for less than $10. You can create exciting fabrics and garments using found objects in and around your home.

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Explore the world of textile printing using objects easily found in and around your home. For less than $10, you can print directly on natural-fiber fabrics, existing garments, or experiment on your knit swatches. Explore adding texture, creating repeat patterns, or transferring plant images to fabric. We will also try our hand at Poor Man’s marbling with shaving cream.

This class is like art camp for adults. You will be amazed at the textures and designs you can add to your repertoire. Use the printed pieces to add to your sewn or knit projects.

Supply List
__2-yards of a cotton fabric (pre-washed), t-shirts, or other cotton/linen garments.
__Textile paint or acrylic craft paint (2-3 colors)
__Brayer or foam roller brush (paint trim brush)
__Cookie sheet or hard surface
__A piece of felt-like material to pad for the print area (polar fleece, thin batting, or similar)
__Protective covering for workspace (plastic)

__Found objects from around your home: Bottle caps, mesh bags, tin foil, sponges, macaroni, corks, textured glasses and dish ware, potato masher, … (anything with texture)
__From within your Office: paperclips, erasers, rubber bands, tape, stickers, pen caps and cartridges
__From the craft room: Where glue (Elmers), Corrugated cardboard, small box tops, yarn, string, glue, paper punch,
__Plant materials: leaves, flowers, pine cones and pods, bark.
__Shaving cream

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