Clasped-warp Scarf on the Rigid-heddle Loom


Cost includes 4 hours of class.

With Deborah Jarchow

April 9, 10:00am-12:00pm & 1:00-3:00pm CDT

Learn to create beautiful and unexpected stripe designs with clasped warps. This technique allows you to place two distinct colors within a single “warp” thread so each end of the scarf warp is different. Weave a dazzling piece of wearable art!

Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of the class for 7 days following the event.

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You may have tried clasped-weft as a design element, but have you tried clasped-warp?
This technique can add interest to your woven pieces! Learn to make a stunning scarf using two different warp yarns that change partially through the fabric. If you’ve taken beginning rigid heddle weaving, enhance your skills by learning a new exciting way to warp the loom. This type of weaving is portable, easy and fun!

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this class:
Must have experience warping the loom. Looms will NOT be warped prior to class, but experience is necessary.

Supply List
__Rigid-heddle loom with at least 8” weaving width and a 7.5 or 8 dent reed.
__Warping peg
__Threading/sley hook
__200 yards each of 2 contrasting colors (think black and white) of a smooth, solid color sport= to dk-weight yarn for the warp. The warp yarns should be smooth, non-hairy, strong enough not to break, and of at least 2 plies (no singles).
__You will also need 200 yards of lace or fingering-weight yarn for weft
__10 to 15 yards waste yarn (acrylic worsted-weight works well)
__Tapestry needle
__2 brown paper grocery bags
__Post-it notes
__Tube from inside a paper towel roll
__Tape measure
__Tapestry needle

NOTE: For your first clasped-warp scarf, it is best to use 2 highly contrasting, solid-colored yarns for the warp  (think black and white). The weft can be one of the warp colors or something different.

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