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Making Color Work for You


Price includes 3 hours of class. Early Bird ends 01/17/22.

An in person class with Phyllis Bell Miller

Mar 5, 9:00am-12:00pm

How to select and use color like a pro, including coordination, color groups, value keys, neutrals, color proportions, undertones, 25+ color schemes, and more.

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Do you cringe when confronted with the dozens of color choices out there? Does the color wheel make your head spin? This workshop shows you how to cut though the confusion and make color work for you. You’ll review essential color principles and learn how to use color groups, undertones, value keys, color ratios and proportions, and more than 25 traditional color schemes. The workshop also explains how to select and test colors with the best contrast; how to identify and build historic and ethnic color schemes; and how to capture and match colors as professionals do. Information in this workshop applies to all design areas, including knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, embroidery, wardrobe styling, and decorating.

A $14 kit fee will be collected by your instructor during class. Correct change is appreciated.
The kit will include color wheel sheets, pom-pom maker, pre-cut yarn for the color-wheel pom-poms, pressure-tape tabs for attaching the pom-poms, and an extra-large sheet protector for storage.

Supply List
• Sharp scissors-preferably embroidery scissors-for cutting yarn
• Yogurt or sour-cream container to catch and hold yarn clippings
• Pen and paper for taking notes
• Sheet protectors (about 15) and a 1 1/2” or larger, three-ring binder for handouts
• Projects or items for which you would like to match or select colors
• Calculator

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amee W.
Wish it Was More Color Theory and Less Pompoms

The instructor knows her colors, that's clear. I enjoyed the class but it would have been better if we spent less time making pompoms and more time focused on color theory and how to use it in real life (rather than simply naming all the different ways color can be combined). The presentation was good but I had to stop making pompoms so I could focus (most can't really do more than one thing at a time and expect good outcomes for both). I appreciated the samples and the presentation's images to help solidify the theories.

Carol C.
Colors Demystified!!

Loved this class. I felt I knew nothing about colors, how to choose them to get the best effect or the effect I wanted, what it meant when people talked about a color's value, how to choose colors for a project. This class really opened my eyes to the world of color and has made me look at everything differently. I feel more confident in choosing colors not only for projects but also in choosing the clothes I want to wear.

Phyllis Miller does a phenomenal job and really brings you to understanding colors and how they work.