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Corespinning for Funk and Function


Price includes 3 hours of class. Early Bird ends 01/17/22.

An in person class with Esther Rodgers

Mar 5, 9:00am-12:00pm


Corespinning is a wonderfully versatile technique. It allows you to create an extremely textured, bulky yarn or the ultimate smooth, drapey yarn — and everything in between! It’s perfect for those who love to spin unprocessed fiber, to keep the texture of the fiber or tame it, or to stretch a luxury fiber.

Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of the class for 14 days following the event.

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Ever wonder how to make that cloud of expensive cashmere go as far as possible or how to spin those fun textured yarns? Learn to do both with corespinning!

Esther will show you how to create yarns with integrity and strong foundations. She’ll talk about which cores to use and when and show how those choices affect the finished yarn,

Learn how to make that cloud of expensive cashmere go as far as possible and how to create fun textured yarns. Maybe you want to add feathers, sequins, fabric. or bobbin inclusions—well Esther can get you there!

Along the way, you’ll learn to manage twist in a new way and discover how to deal with the overspin that often happens when corespinning.

Special skills or knowledge needed to take this class:
Students need to be comfortable with their wheels; this is not a spindle class.

An optional kit is available for this class:
Follow this link to purchase your kit for $45-75:
Kit includes: 4oz carded fiber; 1oz top; 1oz locks; Add ins: sequins, feathers, unusual cores (wire and led lights), ribbon/fabric, buttons and more; Cotton and Mohair cores
Note: Due to time and shipping constraints, kits are not available to people living outside the United States.

Supply list
__Spinning wheel
__Optional Kit
__Cotton crochet thread #10
__Brushed mohair yarn
__4oz of carded fiber
__1oz of combed fiber
__1oz of loose locks
__Sequins trim, feathers, pieces of ribbon or fabric, and other bits and bobs to spin into the yarn

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dayna M.
Super Class

So many ideas and ways to make corespinnibg beautiful and fun. Lean the basics and add a few fun or crazy elements to your yarn. Esther makes being creative fun and exciting.

Dayna M.
Inspiration Plus

What a great class. Esther is a knowledgeable teacher who shares her skills and knowledge about handling fiber and creating yarn. She has an easy going manner and her creative energy is just darn inspiring!

Kathy U.
Corespinning for Funk aned Fashion

Esther is a brilliant and engaging instructor. She has vast crossover knowledge throughout the fiber arts which enhances her ability to teach. Great Class!