Textile Surface Design: Stencil and Block Printing on Fabric – Session 2


Price includes 3 class hours. Early Bird ends 11/29/22. A $5 materials fee will be collected during class.

An in-person class with Jody Alexander

Mar 4, 2:00-5:00pm

Create your own hand-printed fabric! Learn to hand print fabrics with stencils and block printing for use in future projects, or bring a garment or other textile to embellish.

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Design and print your own imagery on fabric for future projects. Or, bring a garment, table cloth, or other textile to embellish. Learn how to cut and print stencils, and carve and make block prints. No drawing or design experience is necessary. Very simple repeated designs can be the most successful!

We will begin by looking at images and samples for inspiration. You will then learn how to transfer images to stencil material and blocks, and how to cut and carve. The fun really begins as we experiment with different inks, tools, and printing techniques.

Using fabrics in your projects that you have printed yourself is very satisfying, and empowering!

Note: Photos show embroidery, but this workshop will include printing only.

A $5 materials fee will be collected during class for speedy cut blocks for carving and inks for the class to share.

Special Skills
Must be comfortable using an exacto knife.

Supply List
• At least a half yard of light-colored, solid fabric to print on. Bring a variety if you’d like. Cotton and linen work best.
• Muslin or scraps to practice print
• One manila file folder for cutting stencils (recycling encouraged!)
• Pencil
• Ball point pen (must be ball point – not roller ball or felt tip)
• Exacto knife
• Cutting mat
• Scissors
• Scratch paper (a few pieces of copy paper is fine)
• Photos (on iphone or ipad is fine) for inspiration. Tip: Plants and flowers are a great place to start
Optional: A garment, table cloth, or other textile to print on

Limited pre-class work required.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Betsy S.
Surface design

Jody was well organized. This class did not require tools or supplies that might not be used again. Jody gave good sources for additional information and sources. The class moved along nicely so that we had time to try different techniques and supplies. I would recommend her class to anyone interested in adding something special to their projects.

Great Class and Instructor

This is an interesting and fun class where you are guided to play a bit. The instructor is strong and talented. Even with my very limited artistic ability I had fun and took away new skills.

Micki B.
Excellent class

This class was excellent. The teacher was very clear and understandable. I have never had a class speed by so quickly (I have taken classes every year beginning at Oakland Stitches West). We didn't take an organized break, although I'm sure I could have left if I needed to. There was no time to print extra fabric, only enough time to learn and experiment. I would have appreciated a 6 hour class, but 3 was great. She is a wonderful teacher, well prepared, organized. Thank you

Jody O.
Fun class!!

Jody Alexander is very knowledgeable in fabric printing and paper printing. She had a lot of good visuals and a lot of information. It was an enjoyable class that we walked away with hands-on experience.