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K73 Winter 2003


Seeking Closures




Patterns included in this issue:
Bigham, Uyvonne: Golden Strands
Bunn, Gayle: It’s On the Tab
Chin, Lily M.: Safari Tweed
Crawford-Strong, Geraldine: Squares Squared
de Longpre, Chris: Gallery Bags
Falick, Melanie: Weekend Knitting
Frost, Jean: Amber
Gaddy, Julie: Tawny Tweed & Vermilion
Galeskas, Bev: Felted Pocketbook & Felted Knits
Gaughan, Norah: Cardi or Not
Hunt, Katharine: Cinnebar & Turquoise Vein
Juergens, Angela: Squiggles
Knitter’s Design Team: Activity Sweater, Filigree Vest, & Wooly Bear
Kochevar, Laura: Flaps & Snaps
Lacey, Megan: Knitted Knotted
Lavold, Elsabeth: Kara
Luters, Ginger: Triangle Stripes
Manning, Tara Jon: Men in Knits
Modesitt, Annie: At Ease!
Nolte, Uschi: Coral Convertible
Pratt, Linda: Lapis & Tiger-eye
Roehm, Gayle: Secret Pocket Hats
Square, Vicki: Folk Bags
Zimmerman, Kathy: Santa Fe

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