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K75 Summer 2004


New Directions
Entrelac on Edge
No-twist Intarsia
Stitches that Dip


Patterns included in this issue:

Davis, Colleen: Incline Decline
Davis, Jane: It’s A Cinch
Eisner Strick, Candace: Beyond Wool
Epstein, Nicky: Knits for Barbie Doll
Frost, Jean: Ribs & Ridges
Gaddy, Julie: Fringed Benefit
Hunt, Katharine: Metro Jacket
Ihnen, Lori: A Garden Stroll
Juergens, Angela: Peach Plaits & Crosswalk
Khmeleva, Galina: Lily of the Valley
Luters, Gingers: Making the Grade
Mondragon, Rick: Box Steps & Square Play
Monroe, Betty: Latitude & Longitude
Nolte, Uschi: Check Point Duo & Stripes áL ‘Orange
Power Johnson, Kathleen: A Step Above
Rasmussen Noble, Carol: Style at Large
Stoller, Debbie: Stitch ‘n Bitch
Tully, Kennita: Organic Cardi
Venishnick, Barbara: Drunken Squares & Arrowhead
Zimmerman, Kathy: Over & Under

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