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K80 Fall 2005


Color Cues
Screen Gems, Mosaics in Action
Test Patterns, Stripes, ribs & more
Expert Panels, Color-block knits
Mini Series, Kid stuff
Variety Shows, Cool accessories


Patterns included in this issue:

Cheifetz, Kathy: Channels & Ribs
Dahlquist, Kay: Mosaic Mice
Dregni, Michael: Knitticisms
Epstein, Nicky: Barbie Doll and Me
Eskesen, Elaine: Handyman
Fard, Nazanin: Lucy
Frost, Jean: Doris
Harding, Sally: Fast Knits Fat Needles
Hunt, Katharine: Asian Mystery
Hurt, Dana: Marlo
Knitter’s Design Team: Touching Elements, Network Ties, & Bachelor #1
Lee, Deborah: Niles
Mason-Jamieson, Maureen: Bandstar
Melanson, Robin: Murphy
Mondragon, Rick: Highlines
Nolte, Uschi: Wide Screen, Fuzzy Screen, & Ninety-nine
Pearl-McPhee, Stephanie: At Knit’s End
Smitherman, Colleen: Outer Limit
Wilson, Natalie: Cable Sport
Young, Lois: Screenplay
Zangl, Diane: Bay Watch
Zimmerman, Kathy: Jelly Bean Panels, Panelist, Mini Mice &  Neon Bricks

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