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K95 Summer 2009


Relax, Reflect & Refresh
Lite Lessons
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Patterns included in this issue:
Alawine, Esmeralda: Seaside Shrug
Bortner, Gwen: Entrelac Blues
Coniglio, Joni: Cozy Crawlers – Lite Lesson & Baby Steps – Lite Lesson
Duvekot, Elise: One Below – Lite Lesson, 4-Way Berets, & Customize Your Beret: Any size, any yarn
Hershberg, Betsy: Wrist Watchers – Lite Lesson
Knitter’s Design Team: Hott Pink & Party in Pink
Lemmers, Kate: Ultra Net & Vera
Mondragon, Rick: Cambria & Bluebells & Shells
Newton, Deborah: Rustico
Saarniit, Merike: Smocked Toque – Lite Lesson
Slicer-Smith, Jane: Snakeskin Jacket
Smith, Ginger: Sine-cosine
Sowerby, Jane: A Yarn Review
Xenakis, Alexis: Atlanta Blooms & A Think Outside the Sox Master Class
Zimmerman, Kathy: Desert Flower – Lite Lesson, Point Set Match, Vanilla Leaves, & Glazed Carrot

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