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Knitter’s 2015: K118-K121 – stitchip


Contains the 4 COMPLETE ISSUES of Knitter’s Magazine from 2015: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter.


This stitchip contain the 4 COMPLETE ISSUES of Knitter’s Magazine from 2015:

Spring—Fun with Physics

4 cast-ons, 3 cowls, 2 terrific topper, 1 exciting MOBIUS Adventure
Sound Waves: Ripples, ridges, & waves

Sum of the parts: Modular panels, Mosaic & stripes

Better than just holes: Eyelet Lace, Ripple Lace, Denim Lace

Summer—Cool Comfort

Afghan Artistry: • Pieces • Ikat • Knit-as-you-go • Counterpanes • Entrelac • K1 Below

Keen kid knits: Monkey shines, Hide & seek

Classy Cardigans, Clever Tops

Fall—Global Interest

Foreign Accents: Knits Inspired by Other Cultures

Internal Affairs: K1below, Miters & Ripples, Grafting from Tabs, Seam-as-you-go

Secret Strategies: Keeping Count, Random Striping, Shawl Shaping

Balancing Acts: 2-sided accessories

Winter—Little Details, Big Rewards

Fab Fours: 1 Stitch, 4 Elegant Fabrics; 1 Pattern, 4 Crazy Caps

Making the Rounds with Steeks & Skirts

Living Large: Big Intarsia Motifs! Roving as Yarn

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