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Clearly written with lots of beautiful photos to help get you started on your Creative Crochet Lace adventure.



Learn a new, freeform approach to traditional crochet openwork techniques that’s easier than you can imagine! You’ll discover 5 methods of crocheting lace and a creative, fluid approach to create wonderful wearables, accessories, and anything else you can imagine. No patterns necessary!

First you’ll discover the origins of crochet lace and then each freeform method, modified from a classic style, is explained in detail. All the basics you need to know including which materials to use, how to pick yarns and fibers, and which hooks work best are explained. You’ll find an in-depth discussion about “Lace Logic” and how different stitches and yarns work together. The project section goes into detail about the process used for making the pieces along with photos of the works in progress. Templates are included for many of the projects to give you a good understanding of the creative approach. Along with these excellent examples designed to spark your imagination there is a gorgeous gallery of fellow crochet artists’ works and inspiring photos of flowers and gardens to get your creative juices flowing. This book is clearly written with lots of beautiful photos to help get you started on your Creative Crochet Lace adventure.

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