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Stitches Pin 2011


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The 2011 Stitches pin is about 1″ wide by 1″ tall.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah F.
Great kit to accompany a great class

Thank you for providing all of the colors we needed for class. I am ready to continue my exploration of color.

Page, S.

Cecelia is an incredible and generous teacher and maker. The class was very well paced (4 sessions, each 2 hours) giving time to think about what I learned and practically apply it. She has incorporated her ideas from her last book on sequence knitting into her marl designs resulting in exquisite fabrics.

Amy V.
Marling Kit

Lovely yarn, great colors for marling.

Judith H.
Fantastic class!

I have been knitting lace for quite a few years but have never quite grasped the construction of the Shetland shawl. Denise made this whole effort really easy to follow. It is amazing she was able to squeeze as much learning into the time frame she had! Zoom is challenging at the best of times, but to try and use zoom for lace knitting? Denise did a fantastic job. She was a real pro at switching from one camera angle to another. I look forward to moving on to a full size shawl now that I have learned how.


Jillian is warm, knowledgeable and insightful. I can’t ask for a better spinning teacher, except perhaps to take her class in person. I love all the possibilities she presented and it’s mind blowing! The answer is always more fiber!
She’s the best!!!!!

Jocelyn S.
Great fibers

The fibers in the kit were wonderful to work with .

Excellent instructional series for beginner drop spindle technique

Heavenly was a wonderful instructor. She effectively used both main camera and zoom in on a table to communicate the key principles of drop spindle spinning. I think that her ability to break down what was happening amongst the moving parts was very helpful. And, the use of multicolored yarn to improve visibility over zoom was really helpful.
Heavenly was very patient and set expectations really accurately. I'd attempted drop spindle spinning before and it was an utter disaster. Her ability to break down key concepts and things to watch out for were really helpful and kept the frustration level to a minimum. I really appreciated her warm, engaging manner and openness to everyone's unique experience with her class.

Betsy A.
New skills learned

I’ve been spinning for over 20 years but never heard of blending colors at the wheel. I am excited about working on a new challenge. Jillian is a great teacher who presents information that is clear and thorough.