Here’s to a year of making what you love and loving what you make!

The latest addition to Stitches Events celebrates our growing creative community with Live in the Stitches Studio — an exclusive virtual experience designed to spark your creativity and expand your making skills without leaving home.

What is Live in the Stitches Studio?

More casual than a class, more focused than a get-together, Live in the Stitches Studio allows scope for exploration in a stimulating and friendly atmosphere. Watch for guests, interviews, reviews, patterns, problem-solving, and help sessions, maybe a challenge, or even a make-along. There’s so much to explore and share.

Each month this exclusive, two-part exploration introduces a topic. The first session starts the conversation. The second follows up with further interaction — discussion, questions, possibilities, and discoveries. The goal? To help you create with confidence and pleasure by sharing more approaches, more choices, more how-tos.

Topics will include the range of fiber-art interests. A focus on one topic, or one technique, may still contain items of interest that cross over into others. Inspire your fiber-arts practice — whether broad or deep — with approaches to color, techniques, tips and tricks, avenues to design, creative exercises, simple pattern development, stitch-play, math, and swatches.

Your annual Live in the Stitches Studio subscription gives you access to:

  • Monthly 2-part explorations with recordings of each session available on your Dashboard
  • Complimentary admission to the Stitches Market at in-person and virtual events—whether you take a class or not
  • And as a bonus, you receive a 25% discount on the entire Stitches Events site—including classes and special events at our virtual and in-person shows, stitchips, downloadable PDFs, and printed books and magazines.
Live in the Stitches Studio

I’m intrigued and can’t wait for this latest Stitches offering! I think the format is well-designed and will be a good fit for my busy schedule (and attention span!). I’ve grown to trust the Stitches team to host inclusive and friendly gatherings and know this latest venue will not disappoint!

Oakland, CA

Live in the Stitches Studio Schedule so far:

Join us live at 8 pm CST on these dates; if you have to miss a session, a recording will be available on your Dashboard.

Knitting Back and Forth (for both lefties and righties)
Opens Tuesday, November 22
Follows-up Thursday, December 1

Granny Squares with a Twist
Opens Tuesday, December 20
Follows-up Thursday, December 29

Embroider Your Knits, Anna Zilboorg’s Way
Opens Tuesday, January 24
Follows-up Thursday, February 2


The rest of the Live in the Stitches Studio schedule will be posted as they evolve.

November and December feature a couple of Rick Mondragon’s most-requested techniques. In January, we look closely at surface design through embroidery, the Anna Zilboorg way. Fabrics we knit, crochet, or weave can integrate with embroidery. Right-handed and left-handed demos will get you started.

Our goal is to help you create with confidence and pleasure.

Rick Mondragon


Knitting Back and Forth
(for both lefties and righties)

Knitting Back and Forth is about knitting without having to turn your work!

It is perfect for anything you knit flat — especially knits that require a lot of turns or turning — short-rows, bobbles, entrelac, miters. And even intarsia!

It is efficient and easy to learn.


Granny Squares
with a Twist

The granny stitch works for more than just squares. Take those elements, learn a few short cuts and approaches, then crochet something special. 

  • First Rick addresses HDC — his favorite crochet stitch — the why’s and how it changes the traditional granny square.
  • Learn how he uses traditional squares as building blocks in designs.
  • See how to marry grannies with ripples and miters.


Embroider Your Knits,
Anna Zilboorg’s Way

Anna believes in making the functional beautiful. Her embroidery stitches don’t just sit atop the knit fabric — they integrate with it.

In this hybrid of knits and stitches, the lines of embroidery follow and emphasize the lines already knit into the fabric. We will try a few of Anna’s favorites and learn from her experiments.


“I look forward to this new venture. Through all the Stitches at Home and Expo classes I have taken, I have learned so many skills which have added to my creativity and capabilities. Sew in a zipper? No problem! Make a matching Dorset button for a knitted or crocheted project. Yes! Hand-stitch and sew a tote bag. You MADE that? Absolutely! I also love the cast of characters, both Stitches staff, and my fellow students. You all bring some sanity and laughter to this crazy world we live in. Thank you for this opportunity, I look forward to seeing your faces for many years!”

Wyoming, MI