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Become a Stitches Teacher

Stitches Events bring in thousands of crafters from across the country and around the world for an exciting weekend of learning, laughter, and shopping!

If you have teaching experience and are interested in becoming a Stitches instructor, the resources to get your started are below. If you have questions about or problems with these documents, please e-mail Jessica Nelson at [email protected].

We look forward to getting to know more about you. 

Teacher Resources

A general information online form must be filled out by each instructor who would like to be considered for teaching at Stitches…

Teacher General Information Form

For dates of upcoming events, please go to our Upcoming Events page.  

1) Stitches Expo at Home Event Application (2 to 4 hour virtual classes).

2) Stitches at Home Virtual Event Application (6 to 10 hour virtual classes).

3) In-person Event Application (90 minute, 3, 6, or 12 hour classes).

AV Worksheet for Stitches at Home…

At Home AV Worksheet

Here is the summary of Stitches Instructors’ policies and procedures (PDF only).


If you would still like to be put on our list of instructors for future calls for class submissions, please please follow the link and fill out the General Information worksheet or e-mail [email protected] with your information. We’ll make sure you’re included in future communications. Thank you.

If you have submitted classes in the past and and would like to know if we have a particular class on file, you may also e-mail a request to [email protected].

Teaching for Stitches is always a pleasure, whether live or virtual. The Stitches team handles everything possible in advance to ensure that teachers can focus on teaching. When there are rare needs that happen during a show, they are available and respond quickly. Stitches’ commitment to equality and diversity creates a unique community and attracts great students. As a teacher, I couldn’t ask for a better environment.

Laura Barker