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About Alasdair Post-Quinn

Alasdair Post-Quinn is a computer technician who also works on the forefront of double-knit innovation. The two sides of most double-knits show mirror-images in opposite colors. Alasdair’s designs include more complex variations in color and structure. His workshops give even experienced double-knitters something new to learn. While Alasdair does not claim to be the only designer pushing these boundaries, he is among those on the forefront of double-knitting innovation. His books, Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing, document his repertoire of esoteric double-knitting techniques, yet he continues to develop techniques and apply them to new designs. Alasdair has been teaching double-knitting around North America since 2005 and regularly adds new techniques and refinements to his workshops . For more about Alasdair, go to