Alasdair Post-Quinn

Alasdair is a computer technician in the Boston area who spends much of his spare time as a knitting designer. He focuses on double-knitting, which creates a fabric with no wrong side. Until recently, a typical double-knit fabric was either tubular or reversible with the opposite side showing a mirror image design in opposite colors. Over the past few years, people here and there have expanded to more complex color and structure variations. While Alasdair does not claim to be the only one pushing these boundaries, he is among those on the forefront of double-knitting innovation . His books, Extreme Double-Knitting and Double or Nothing, document his repertoire of esoteric double-knitting techniques, but he continues to develop techniques and apply them to new designs. Alasdair has been teaching double-knitting around North America since 2005 and regularly adds new techniques and refinements to his workshops so that even experienced double-knitters or his previous workshop veterans will have something new to learn. For more about Alasdair, go to  


Design your own Double-knit Hat

Design your own Double-knit Hat

With Alasdair Post-Quinn Oct 3, 2-4pm CDT Oct 4, 2-4pm CDT Oct 10, 2-4pm CDT Perfect the basics of double knitting, both flat and in the round, as you design, knit, and shape a wonderfully warm, 2-color, reversible hat.

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