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About Caroline Sommerfeld

Caroline is the founder, creative director, and lead dyer for Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts.  Caroline’s mother taught her to knit at age four — at her insistence — because she needed to get needles and yarn into her own hands! Her fascination of fibers, yarn, and the human history grew, and she has used them ever since. She swiftly learned to embroider, weave, crochet, rug hook, and more. At 8-years-old, she started dyeing fabrics. After a career in accounting, social science, and social research her interests turned back to her yarn and natural fibersAncient Arts custom yarns focus on eco-conscious yarns, natural fibres and rare breed wool.She has been dyeing yarn for Ancient Arts for close to 12 years, and designing since 2014. Caroline reminds us, “I’m an avid fibre artist and I love nothing more than to share my passion for fibres, yarn, and knitting with other people!”