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About Heavenly Bresser 

It was love for knitting and crochet that first led Heavenly to try spindle and wheel. Now, her love for spinning is reflected in the antique wheels she collects and repairs, the small flock she tends, and the classes she teaches. Uniting spinners, knitters, and crocheters, from far and near, in experiencing the pleasure of turning fleece into finished projects is a big part of her mission. Heavenly Bresser is an award-winning handspinner, author, and the proud owner of Heavenly Knitchet. She spent many years designing custom knit and crochet accessories for clients and is known for her attention to detail and expert finishing. Heavenly has successfully completed Level One in the TKGA Master Knitter program. Her love for knitting and crocheting eventually became a gateway for trying her hand at spinning. Heavenly was determined to learn something new every day from spinning wheel to spindle. Taking a project from raw fleece to finished product is one her favorite things. She teaches, and has written articles for major publications including Spin Off as well as tiny Studio Creative Life. When not teaching, vending, or playing with fibers and yarn, Heavenly repairs antique spinning wheels and tends her own herd of 18. Her husband is her greatest enabler, and her two sons enjoy her handspun yarn.