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Couture Knit Sweaters for Them, Him, and Her

Couture Knit Sweaters for Them, Him, and Her

With Jim Cox Mar 13,10am-12pm CST; Mar 14, 2-4pm CDT; Mar 20, 2-4pm CDT Depending on who you are, what you want to knit, and for whom, fashion can inspire your sweaters. Jim Cox shows how to make fashion work for YOUR designs. Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of this class for 7 days following the event.

About Jim Cox

Outnumbered by a mother and three sisters who knit, James picked up knitting needles almost 40 years ago to see why it was so captivating. His first knit was a self- designed Fair Isle sweater created while in the midst of a successful career as a creative director at major agencies as well as teaching at the Art Center School of Design. (He was a team member of Apple’s Mac computer launch, and his work for Northrop is in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection.) At night and on weekends he taught himself how to design sweaters and write patterns. It thankfully provided balance to his hectic life. While shopping in Paris, the owner of a men’s designer boutique complimented his sweater and handed him a business card, “When you’re ready to launch your line, please call me.” His inspiration comes from street fashion, leading fashion designer collections, and his environs. He focuses mainly on seamless sweater design that requires no sewing BUT with the potential for custom tailoring and a contemporary look that is sophisticated, fun and sometimes sexy. Find out more at jamescoxknits.com

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