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To Infinity and Beyond: Fused Table Runner

To Infinity and Beyond: Fused Table Runner

An in-person class with Karla Overland Aug 3, 1:30-4:30pm No Rulers! No Math! No Pinning! No Batting! Create a table runner with color that goes on and on — to infinity! This cut-and-fuse project is a study in easy construction, and beautiful results.

About Karla Overland

Karla is the owner of Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics – maker of fine 10% cotton fabric for quilting and garments. She has 40 years of sewing experience, and holds a degree in Graphic Design. She is the Colorist for the business, creating unique gradations of color. Her patterns are designed to show off the incredible texture of Cherrywood. Simple designs let the color do the heavy lifting. It is her goal to have students walk out of class with an almost-finished piece, and a broader understanding of color.