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Compose Yourself: Creative Strategies for Shawl Styling

Compose Yourself: Creative Strategies for Shawl Styling

With Laura Bellows Jan 9, 4:00-6:00pm CST This class offers students a new approach to styling that makes wearing shawls an extension of their creative design process. Shawls can look great and feel great – all day long. Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of the class for 14 days following the event.

About Laura Bellows

Laura Bellows was trained as an anthropologist and conducted her field research in Indonesia, where she met Agus Astradhi, who became her full-time creative partner after she left academia and launched JUL Designs in 2008. JUL Designs' mission is to provide original and innovative knitwear jewelry and closure designs that enhance the style and wearability of knitted, crocheted, and sewn garments and accessories.

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