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About Ramalakshmi Pasumarthy

Ramalakshmi Pasumarthy is a knit and crochet Indie Designer who joins us from India, where the internet led her to explore crochet. Now, you’ll find her designs on Ravelry.

Self- taught through YouTube videos and other online sources, she is intrigued by the possibility of designing with countless combinations of stitches, her instincts led to explore thread-art designs. You’ll find her 30+ designs on Ravelry, 2 in the HANDY HANDS Tatting and Crochet Calendar 2021 and 2022. Her crochet doily was the CGOA pattern of the day for May 22,2018.

Rama collaborated with Indian artists across the globe, “to create the world’s largest crocheted blanket, and, together, in 2016 they won a Guinness World Record for our achievement. I was presented with a certificate by the Guinness World Records.”

Her other hobbies include, Needle Tatting, Macrame, Embroidery and Sewing.
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