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Quilts are Fashion Statements

Quilts are Fashion Statements

An in-person class with Sandra Chandler Nov 11, 2:00-3:30pm PST Wearable art can be an outwardly unique extension of your fashion creativity and individual style. Learn best practices on how to repurpose your quilts because “Quilts are Fashion Statements!”
West African Indigo Dyeing Techniques

West African Indigo Dyeing Techniques

An in-person class with Sandra Chandler Nov 12, 9:00am-12:00pm & 2:00pm-5:00pm PST Learn West African Indigo Dye techniques while exploring the history of Nigerian Indigo designs.
Embroidery, Sashiko, Mending All Around the World

Embroidery, Sashiko, Mending All Around the World

An in-person class with Sandra Chandler Nov 13, 9:00am-12:00pm; & 1:30-4:30pm PST During this fun-filled live workshop, you will discover how to use Sashiko stitching to create beautiful, innovative quilts, clothing, and DIY items and how to use the Boro mending method to repair damaged textiles.

About Sandra Chandler

Hand sewing with her grandmother taught Sandra Chandler the magic of transforming fabric into art. Recycled denim is her favorite material. Her handsome quilts feature myriad tones of well-worn jeans in simple patchwork shapes.

I love to hand stitch using the traditional Japanese Sashiko and Boro embroidery styles and incorporating them as a decorative feature into my designs. The concrete, repetitive nature of this work frees my imagination provides many opportunities for happy accidents and grace to influence the finished product.

My core materials for quilting are thread and fabric, however, I often employ recycled denim, yarns, dyed fabrics and stamps to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I hold a B.S. in Clothing, Textiles and Design from Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Recently, I discovered modern quilting: simple, crayoned patchworks that resonate deeply with my fiber work. Inspired and invigorated by a renewed sense of continuity, and awed by the mystery of how creation occurs, my process allows me to explore visions to enable my creative work to evolve and grow.

Denim is my thing! So, if you didn’t know I am in love with all thing’s denim. So if you look through my portfolio you can see a collection of my work in denim. I am featured in an international magazines, Simply Moderne’ which is published in Paris. I have a dress and articles featured in Altered Couture which is published by Stampington and I am featured in Quiltfolk, a quarterly magazine.

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