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Design a Top-down Crochet Pullover with Perfect Fit

Design a Top-down Crochet Pullover with Perfect Fit

With Sandra Gutierrez July 10, 10am-12pm CDT; July 11, 10am-12pm CDT; July 17, 10am-12pm CDT; Learn the ins and outs of designing a perfectly fitting round-yoke pullover in crochet. Let Sandra Gutierrez of Nomad Stitches help you create your dream sweater! Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of the class for 7 days following the event.

About Sandra Gutierrez

Sandra is a knitwear designer from Mexico. She loves all kinds of arts, but her real passion lies with crochet. She studied psychology in university in the US, but upon graduating ended up teaching English to students of other languages, which gave her the opportunity to travel the world and live in 9 other countries. Her experiences abroad influence her designs greatly. Crochet color work is passion of hers, as well as garment construction and design. Her number one goal is to elevate crochet beyond the basics and into fashionable modern garments. Sandra currently lives with her family in the UK and is working on her first crochet book.

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