Sunne Meyer

Like so many of us, Sunne learned to knit and sew at an early age from her grandmother. Her love of making never subsided. After finding Alabama Chanin through Natalie’s books, she was gifted the first School of Making Studio Week, to “find her people”; those passionate about craft. This led to the realization that her mission is to spread skills and love for knitting and hand stitching. Keeping it fun and accessible while creating a diverse, inspiring community. Sunne taught for 13 years at Fancy Tiger Crafts, has classes with Craftsy, created knitting and stitching groups and has taught at local and national retreats. Her instruction meets every student where they are and elevates skills and supplies to the highest level. Classes include lots of celebration!! We make beautiful things and collectively have inspiring ideas. In her off time, you can find Sunne and her husband exploring the outdoors and eating good food in Reno, where they recently moved. Watching her black lab chase wildlife in the yard is a new pastime. She knits, hand stitches and is the Director of Yarn Development for Madelinetosh.


Hand Stitching in The School of Making Style

Hand Stitching in The School of Making Style

With Sunne Meyer. Dec 5, 10:00am-12:10pm CST Dec 6, 10:00am-12:10pm CST Dec 13, 10:00am-12:10pm CST Sunne loves to make her clothes in Alabama Chanin’s The School of Making style! Our extended time together allows her time to take you through the entire process as you create your own journal cover. Take the first step to your hand-sewn wardrobe!

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