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About Tara Faughnan

Freelance textile designer, quilter, and teacher, Tara Faughnan started her quilting career with a 1931 edition of 101 Patchwork Patterns as her guide — happily tracing cardboard templates and cutting out pieces with scissors. After one trip to the local quilt shop, a love affair with her faithful rotary cutter began — worn down and a bit squeaky, but fits Tara's hand, “like we were made for each other”. Somewhere along the way, her love of quilting led to school and a career in textile design. Her clients include Michael Miller Fabrics and Pottery Barn Kids. Inspiration comes in forms, shapes, and the place where 2 seams meet. Color interaction is the key inspiration that drives her. ” It's that intuitive moment when you put two colors together, and then two more, and two more after that.” “I draw a lot of inspiration from the simple bold geometry of antique quilts, the gorgeous bright colors from textiles around the world, and freedom and spontaneity found in unconventional and improvisational quilts.” Her current work represents all three. “I like to use simple geometry, complex color interaction, and find the line that exists somewhere between harmony and discord.”