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About Thamo Hurly

From day one Thamo was a maker. She would make anything, and everything! “I’ve been a capital K Knitter for 20 years, a self-taught crocheter for 17 years, a spinner, fiber blender, hand sewist, and lover of all things fibre arts. I call myself an Intuitive Fibre Artist because my intuition is very much a part of my creative process. There is no formula and rarely any math involved in my making. I don’t use a color wheel or any art management tools (though I did take a lot of art in high school, so I’m sure that info is in there somewhere). I make with my gut and my heart. If it feels right and lights me up, then I go with it! My favorite patterns are those that can hold my attention but that I can make while at the park with the kids or in the backyard with the dog. Over the last 10 years, Thamo has taught many classes to new and experienced makers alike. She loves helping someone find their way to the finished project and seeing that moment when it all starts to make sense!