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Stacked Stitch Design Workshop

Stacked Stitch Design Workshop

With Xandy Peters Mar 13, 10am-12pm and 5-7pm CST; Mar 14, 10am-12pm CDT; March 21, 10am-12pm CDT Students learn to work stacked increases and decreases, then create their own stitch patterns. Class sessions will be recorded and remain accessible online to registered students of this class for 7 days following the event.

About Xandy Peters 

Xandy Peters is a knitting designer and teacher, best known as the innovator of the stacked stitch technique and for the Fox Paws pattern. Starting out as a footwear and product designer, Xandy turned to knitting as a way to explore textiles and surfaces without using factory production and has since made a career out of publishing new patterns and teaching workshops. Xandy has been published in magazines such as Vogue Knitting, Twist Collective, Knitscene, Knitty, and Pom Pom Quarterly.

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