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Supplemental Warp

Supplemental Warp

A virtual class with Yoriko Oki Jan 14, 2:00-4:00pm CST This class introduces hand-manipulated supplemental warp on the rigid heddle loom — a simple technique with infinite design possibilities.

About Yoriko Oki

Yoriko Oki — dyer, weaver, knitter, and overall fiber art enthusiast — comes to us from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her mission is to inspire and empower fellow fiber artists through her work so they can continue to create and have fun. A self-described “forever work in progress,” Yoriko admits to being a slow learner. Although she enjoyed working with yarn and fiber as a small child growing up in Japan, surrounded by the rich history of textiles, her path to get to where she is today was not straightforward. After training and practicing in architecture, she was a freelance translator. Later, she rediscovered her love of textiles while earning a degree in Fashion design. Now she looks forward to finding out what will unroll in front of her eyes next!