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About Yumiko Alexander

When Yumiko Alexander moved from Japan to Arizona, her knitting changed. On the process-project scale, Yumiko identifies as a product knitter. She knits and crochets the garments she wants to wear. So, w When she moved to a climate where the wool and alpaca yarns she had always worked with can be worn only a few months of the year, she switched to cottons and linens for warm-weather comfort .? For her designs to work with these non-elastic fibers, what else needed to change? First, she discovered that a swatch did not predict what would happen when she wore the full-size garment. So, from yarn weight, to type of needles (?and hooks?), to her swatching and washing processes— she has changed it all. Now she exclusively works with cotton, linen, and silk, and her swatches accurately predict the fit and drape of her garments. Learn the process she uses to avoid surprises. Whether you live in a warm climate or cool, when you understand how to work with the characteristics of non-elastic fibers (what Yumiko calls their personalities), you will be able to work with use them for year-round comfort.