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With their unique blend — the in-depth treatment of topics, authoritative authors, thoughtful graphics, and beautiful photography— XRX Books bring important content to the knitting and weaving worlds. Today they are available in print or digitally via downloads or convenient stitchips.

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Stitchips provide the unique opportunity to buy an individual book or a collection.

Stitchips contain a complete book or collection in a credit-card-sized USB drive. Stitchips contain only the best in Rich PDF formatted content along with ‘Xtras’ that will help you savor each and every delicious digital experience. Every stitchip PDF has bookmarks to make navigation of the PDF easy. And because these PDFs were well formatted, they are completely searchable (try doing that with a paper book).

Visit our stitchip page to learn more about stichips and explore what’s available.